Pansy Matrix Rose
The following varieties are available for Fall 2014:
Fall Pansies & Violas:
    Pansies are available in  3.5" pots and in 12- pak liners.  Violas are available in 3.5" pots
    and 6" round pots.  Each 6" pot has 3 plants per pot.
Pansy Delta Pure Golden Yellow
Pansy Varieties:
Delta Blue w/Blotch
Delta True Blue
Delta Fire
Delta Orange w/Blotch
Delta Pure Deep Orange
Delta Pure Primrose
Delta Pure Red
Delta Premium Neon Violet
Delta Premium Pure Violet
Delta Premium Violet & White
Delta Premium Pure White
Delta Pure Golden Yellow

Delta Blaze Mix
Delta Citrus Mix
Delta Cool Water Mix
Delta Fruit Salad Mix
Delta Pure Colors Mix
Delta Tapestry Mix

Matrix Morpheus
Matrix Raspberry Sundae Mix
Matrix Rose
Matrix Sunrise
Matrix Coastal Sunrise Mix
Matrix Halloween Mix
Viola Varieties:
Angel Tiger Eyes

Endurio White
Endurio Tricolor Mix

Sorbet Antique Shades
Sorbet Blue Heaven
Sorbet Carmen Rose
Sorbet Fire
Sorbet Midnight Glow
Sorbet Morpho
Sorbet Orange Jump-Up
Sorbet Pink Halo
Sorbet Purple
Sorbet Primrose Babyface
Sorbet Ruby & Gold Babyface
Sorbet Yellow Delight
Pansy Delta Blue w/Blotch
Pansy Delta Tapestry Mix
Viola Velour Blue Bronze
Pansy Delta Fire
Pansy Delta True Blue
Viola Sorbet Antique Shades
Bel-R Greenhouse
12415 5th Place SW
Seattle,  WA  98146
Fax:  206-244-8566
Bel-R Greenhouse
12415 5th Place SW
Burien,  WA  98146

Fax:  206-244-8566
Viola Angel Tiger Eyes
Viola Sorbet Purple
Viola Sorbet Blue Heaven
Sorbet Ruby & Gold Babyface
To place an order or for a copy of our current
availability, call us at 206-244-7783
Photos provided by:
    Bel-R Greenhouse, Inc.